12-Year-Old Girl Raises $70,000 To Help Rescue Dogs And Has Saved 93 Already!

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The P.A.W.S. Project Foundation has raised over $70,000 in funds for rescued dogs and has helped save 93 pups – and it all started with a 12-year-old girl and a lovely Labrador mix named Mama Grace.

Molly Wogan has always loved animals, and she made it a habit to volunteer at shelters. In 2016, the 12-year-old was volunteering at Cape Ann Animal Aid in Massachusetts with her mom, Mindy Wogan. They were finishing their shift and leaving when the shelter staff asked if they could help take out Mama Grace. The pup had been barking nonstop, refusing to use the bathroom, and acting very hyperactive.

Mindy Wogan

Once Mama Grace was out of her kennel, she transformed into a happy, loving, playful pup. Molly fell in love with her immediately, and mother Mindy couldn’t help falling for the pup’s sad, big, soul-filled eyes, either!

Mindy Wogan

They decided to take her home for a few days to foster her so she could have a break from the stressful shelter environment. Once in the car, Mama Grace eagerly snuggled with Molly. At home, the pup fit right in and lavished love on Molly, her brother, her parents, and their other dog, Riley.

Mindy Wogan

After three days, Mindy and Molly knew they had to adopt the pup. They filled out the paperwork to take her in, and along with that came a heart wrenching note from SueAnn Eady of EARL’s Hope Rescue in Georgia that talked all about Mama Grace’s heartbreaking past, reducing both the Wogans to tears.

Mindy Wogan

Mama Grace was 20 pounds underweight, pregnant, and had just been hit by a car when animal control officers rescued her in Georgia. She was left at the local shelter but, within hours of arriving, went into labor. The puppies developed pneumonia soon after, and the shelter reached out to rescue organizations asking for help to take in this new family.

SueAnn Eady

Eady had dashed straight over the moment she heard the news. Despite Mama Grace being sick, too, she was kind and graceful to her puppies, which is what earned her her name. Eady took care of Mama Grace and her puppies tirelessly. Eventually, the puppies were adopted, but Mama Grace remained. It broke her heart when Mama Grace was finally well enough to be sent to another shelter to find her forever home, but Eady knew it was for the best.

Mindy Wogan

Mindy and Molly finished reading Mama Grace’s story and immediately reached out to Eady to tell her that the pup had found a new home. They kept in touch, and Eady told them stories about the huge number of dogs who were at risk in the shelters of Georgia.

This inspired Molly, who was preparing for her bat mitzvah and needed to do a volunteer project for it, to start the P.A.W.S. Project Foundation, which started in November 2016. She aimed to raise $2,500 in 12 months – but by the end of 2017, she’d raised the equivalent of $40,000 in donated items and $28,000 more in monetary donations. These items and funds were distributed to 14 rescue organizations, and of course, Eady’s was one of them.

Today, the P.A.W.S. Project Foundation has come so far, and it’s all because of Molly and Mama Grace – who is now named Gracie! Visit their website here to find out more about the project and how to contribute!

Feature Image Source: Mindy Wogan

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