Why This Adorable Dog Has Become An Internet Sensation Will Warm Your Heart!

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This is a story of a dog named Tillie and how she saved the life of her friend, by staying with her for a week until help arrived! This is going to warm your heart!

The search was on for an adorable basset hound called Phoebe who was stuck in a well, deep in a ravine in the woods and Tillie a setter. No one knew where they were and they’d been stuck for about a week with no food or water, or a blanket to keep them warm in the chilly nights.Tillie wasn’t stuck, but even then she refused to leave her friend all alone in the well.

Although no one knows how Phoebe ended up stuck in the well, the fact was that she couldn’t climb out. Both from Washington, these pups were lost for about a week until they were rescued by the nonprofit animal rescue called Vashon Island Pet Protectors.

See What Tillie Did To Rescue Her Friend Who Was Stuck In The Well! What A Smart Pup!

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