Adorable Pup Channels His Inner Rabbit And Bounds Through The Flower Fields!

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In this beautiful field full of tall, lush blades of grass, a pair of ears can just be seen peeking out over the top of the greenery, bouncing as it dashes back and forth.

Your first thought will probably be that it’s a bunny or a rabbit, but then the creature emerges from the corner of the grass and reveals that it is, in fact, a very excited Dachshund pup!

This little pup is out in the field with Mom and Dad, and he’s got quite a good spring in his step! The pup runs back and forth between his two parents when they whistle for him, hurrying over and briefly transforming into a bunny when he’s hidden in the grass before popping out again. It’s so adorable to watch!

This seems like the perfect way to spend a nice day out, don’t you agree? This video is sure to put a big smile on your face!

Feature Image Source: Newsflare

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