Adorable Pup Finds Herself In An Epic Game Of Tug-Of-War!

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This dachshund pup spots her best friend – a much larger mixed breed pup – playing with some rope in the garden and immediately decides that she wants in on the fun.

With Dad’s encouragement, the pup goes up and tries to grab at the rope, and thus, a game of tug of war ensues!

There’s just one problem – this game is skewed and unfair from the start! The tiny, adorable dachshund pup is no match in a battle of strength against a dog as big as her friend. She tugs and tugs with all her might and tries her best to outwit her friend, but no matter what she does, the rope refuses to yield in her favor.

In a fit of frustration, the smaller pup throws the rope up into the air and begins to walk off, disgruntled. Don’t worry, pup, I’m sure you’ll find some awesome toys to play with!

Feature Image Source: Doxie Pom

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