Adorable Pup Gets A Chance To Eat Sugarcane, Now Watch His Enthusiasm!

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Sugarcane juice is very popular in the tropics, and is known for its sweet taste and cooling properties! It is, however, very labor intensive, as one needs to completely crush the sugarcane to get the juice out of it. But the results are great to have on hot days, as it’s very cooling!

This Beagle and Rottweiler’s parent seems to be aware of this fact, and have given their pups some raw sugarcane to chew! These pups are having the time of their life crunching the sugarcane and licking up the juice. They are both completely engrossed in this cool new treat they’ve been given!

It’s always fun to experiment with new fruits and veggies as treats for your pups, especially cooling ones they can have on hot days. But remember to always be careful to make sure it’s safe for them to eat, as some fruits and veggies can be deadly to pups, such as grapes!

Feature Image Source: My cute Pets

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