Adorable Pup Goes Spying In The Garden, Then Comes Across Some Tasty Plants!

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Dogs do the funniest things, and one of those things is being able to find entertainment in the most mundane and supposedly boring of places. Their curious minds can’t resist interacting with everyday objects in ways we humans can only be amused at!

This Labrador pup has discovered that some of the plants in his home’s yard are quite tasty – or at least, they have a fun texture! Basically, he enjoys licking the leaves as if they’re made of ice cream or peanut butter. Does he think they’re food? Does he recognize the plants as living things? Is it simply expressing his love for nature? Who knows!

While it’s loads of fun to watch a pup licking random plants around the house, please make sure that if you allow this, all plants are dog-safe! It’s also advisable that you prevent your dog from carrying out this behavior with random plants outside of your home unless you’re able to identify them correctly.

Feature Image Source: TysonDailyVideos

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