This Adorable Pup Starred In A Commercial And It Went Viral! What A Cutie!

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Advertisements can get a bit annoying, but there are some pretty good ones out there. If they involve animals or pets – especially pups! – then commercials can instantly become much more enjoyable.

This Toys ‘R’ Us advert for a bicycle definitely hits the nail on the head! In this funny commercial, a pup is extremely excited when his (human) sister Jenny gets a new bicycle from the store, and he wonders if maybe one day the family will buy him a bicycle too.

Even as his friend, a cat, reminds him that he can’t actually ride a bike – you know, because he’s a dog and all – he remains happy and optimistic and jumps onto the bicycle. “Look, I’m riding it!” he declares. Hey, a pup can always dream! You chase what you want pup, and you may one day be the first dog to ever learn to ride a bicycle. Do like and share to support his dreams!

Feature Image Source: Ads “R” Us

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