Adorable Pup With Cone Of Shame Gets A Friend Who Makes Him Smile!

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The cone of shame is another term for those cones a dog has to wear to prevent them from chewing on a sore or something. Life with the cone of shame is no fun at all.

You can’t eat or drink properly – and don’t even get us started about the difficulty in going in and out of doors! Sleeping is a pain too! Zep is normally a happy dog. At the age of three, he was diagnosed with cancer and has been going through treatments for seven years. Zep, now 10, has a weak immune system and has to wear the cone of shame quite a bit.


Zep’s mom, Amber Gerick, says that the most common problem Zep has is dermatitis. She said that he has to wear the cone so much that he doesn’t seem to mind it! When he is not posing for photos in his cone, Zep loves to play with toys! Here is one of his favorites, Quackity, the duck! Zep loves Quackity so much that he sort of wore him out!


Amber decided that the next time Zep had to wear his cone, he would have a special playmate – a small stuffed dog with a cone! Amber found the stuffed dog while at Disney World on her honeymoon. As a good mom, she had Zep in mind when she bought it! Maybe having the stuffed dog around will make Zep feel better about having to wear the cone! Don’t they make a cute couple?!

Image & Feature Image Source: Amber Gerick

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