Adorable Rescue Golden Retriever Experiences His First Warm Day At Home…

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Meet Odin, an adorable golden retriever pup who’s usually full of energy, but today he was busy appreciating the beauty of Mother Nature! Take a look at a day in this fur ball’s life!

According to the original uploader on Vimeo, “This is our pup, Odin. He is a rescue golden retriever/husky mix who is usually full of crazy energy. As an artist I’m always looking for a way to push myself and try new things.”

“Yesterday, as the sun’s rays shined in our home, and the sound of birds chirping scattered Odin became very calm so I was inspired to make a video (my first video ever) of him prior to us going outside and then during. Oh, a dog’s life.”

Yes this pup definitely made my day, looking at him relaxing and all has really induced the sleep in me! Take a look at this video and don’t forget to like and share this post with your friends too!

Feature Image Source: Shannon Elvira

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