Can Pups Garden? You’re Going To Be Surprised! Watch This Pup Helping His Mom!

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Dogs love to help out their Moms and Dads, and if helping out also means they get to have some fun, then you can bet they’re going to love it even more!

Sadly, there aren’t many human tasks that a pup can help out with, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find ways to put a canine skillset to good use.

This dachshund pup is watching his Mom working in her garden, where she’s digging up holes to plant seeds in. The pup realizes that his superior digging ability might be of use in this situation and immediately gets to work, helping Mom out by digging where she is!

The pup gets the job done so quickly that it isn’t long before Mom directs him to a new spot to dig a new hole in. Good job, pup! If all chores could be this fun, we’d do them more often!

Feature Image Source: AFVVirals

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