A Day In The Life Of An Adorable English Bulldog Called Chumlee!

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Introducing Chumlee, an adorable English bulldog with an amazing life, adorable friends, and a loving family! See what he does on a typical day!

Chumlee is a cute little English bulldog pup who’s living the life of his dreams really! In the morning, he’ll help his leonberger friend eat his food by literally digging in himself in the most adorable manner ever! When that’s done, he’ll run back inside to help his mommy with the bed!

As soon as he’s done playing on the bed, he’d go back out and help his friend with some snacks! Once that’s complete, he’d go sit on his daddy’s lap to help him with his work and that’s exactly when he’d go to sleep too! So adorable!

Continue Reading And Watch The Video Of This Adorable English BulldogĀ Here!

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