Golden Retriever Puppy Tries To Take Chow Chow For A Walk!

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This sweet golden retriever puppy has decided he’s in charge here! The pup is spending some time with his Chow Chow friend, but when the pup notices nobody is holding the chow’s leash,  he knows it’s up to him to grab that leash and hold on! After grabbing the leash, the little fluffy puppy tries to take the Chow Chow for a walk because after all, that’s what you do when you are holding a dog’s leash, right? But things don’t end up the way he planned! These pups are just the cutest duo ever!

They’re both cream both fluffy, and great friends. The two buddies are having the time of their lives in the garden. We can’t quite tell who is really in charge here, but it doesn’t seem to matter. Fun is fun!

Continue Reading And See The Video Of The Golden Retriever Puppy Walking His Chow Friend Here!

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