Have You Seen A Pup Destroying A Bed Just For Fun? Check This Out!

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Do you ever finish doing a tiring task, walk away for a moment, and then come back to find that all your hard work has been completely undone with an innocent-looking pup sitting in the center of the chaos? It’s a feeling that many pup parents are all too familiar with!

Tyson the English bulldog and pug mix loves soft surfaces. So when he sees that his Dad has just made the bed, he sneakily lies in wait until the task is done, and as soon as Dad leaves, he makes a run for it. Within seconds, the pup has jumped onto the bed and is excitedly rolling back and forth on it, making a mess of the covers and sheets as he gives himself a back rub with them!

Daddy has no choice but to sigh and shakes his head at Tyson’s antics. But when Tyson gives the camera a big smile and happily carries on wreaking havoc, Dad’s heart melts. “Knucklehead,” he chuckles fondly, knowing he could never be angry at such adorable antics!

Feature Image Source: Lodune Sincaid

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