How These Pups Reacted After Getting Caught Chewing Underwear Will Make You Laugh!

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When you ask your children (the human kind or the four-legged kind) who broke the lamp, chewed the carpet, or stole the remote, they will either admit they were wrong or blame it on someone else!

Nicholas found a pair of undergarments that had been chewed on by a dog. He looked at his security cameras and found that his German shepherd took the pair of undies outdoors and both dogs tugged and chewed. With the evidence in hand, Nicholas asked his two boys who was the guilty party.

The two brothers acted as one when they both got up (at the same time) and walked away as soon as they saw the evidence! The poor dog couldn’t even look dad in the eye when the truth came out! The poor dogs did realize what they did was wrong and are very sorry, dad just didn’t seem to be able to let it go!

Feature Image Source: Storyful

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