Loving Boy Goes To A Shelter And Adopts The Oldest Dog Who Was Waiting For A Home

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Shey the 14-year-old miniature poodle was left behind at the Animal Rescue League of Iowa in November last year when his family moved away and wasn’t able to bring him along. The pup suffered from a dental disease that meant he only had one tooth that hadn’t rotted completely, and he wasn’t neutered either. He was also deaf and half-blind.

Shey waited for four months at the shelter for someone to adopt him, but with all his conditions, all potential families decided to pass on him. But that all changed with Tristan, a young boy who wanted a small pup who loved to snuggle and cuddle.

Animal Rescue League of Iowa

Shelter staff immediately thought of Shey, who loved being with people and had a super sweet personality. The moment Shey was put on Tristan’s lap, the kid’s whole face lit up, and Shey was clearly very happy and comfortable, too.

Animal Rescue League of Iowa

As adoption staff listed Shey’s special needs so Tristan knew what to expect, he listened eagerly and even whipped out his phone’s calendar application to make notes of when Shey would need to be taken for vaccinations and vet check-ups. Tristan was very respectful of Shey’s needs, slower movements, and what he could and couldn’t do. It was clear that this was a match made in heaven.

Animal Rescue League of Iowa

Since they, Shey has been living a great life. He has a special spot in Tristan’s room, although he much prefers to be in Tristan’s arms instead! Tristan and Shey love each other very much and spend all their time together, and Tristan is doing all he can to make sure Shey is happy and has everything he needs!

Facebook/Heather Reese

Feature Image Source: Facebook/Heather Reese

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