Mommy Writes Sweet Note To Neighbors To Apologize For Her Noisy Pup!

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Charleston Chew is 11 years old, and he and his Mommy Sharla Wilson have just moved in to their new home in a Pittsburgh apartment in Pennsylvania. The pup hasn’t gotten the chance to say hi to his neighbors – but chances are, they already know a lot about him!

At his age, Charleston has slowly started losing his eyesight, and he’s found a very direct approach to getting any help or attention that he needs. Whenever he gets stuck or lost, needs some loving affection, or just wants Mom to come to him, he howls as loudly as he can – and when we say loudly, we really mean loudly!

Sharla Wilson

According to Mommy Sharla, the sound is the most horrific one we might ever hear! She says it sounds completely insane, almost like an alien life form crying out. It’s a method he’s developed as he began to age, and it ensures that Mom goes to rush next to him and physically touch him. Often, he howls because he doesn’t know where Mommy is and just wants to be aware of her location – a fact not surprising, since he’s been with her since he was a little puppy!

Sharla Wilson

Naturally, Sharla’s quite used to the noise by now and doesn’t mind it, because the pup only uses it when he needs to. But since moving into his new home, the pup has been struck by the odd new layout of the place, and it’s been making him need to use his technique a little more often. Knowing that the apartment is a quiet one, Sharla worried that the howling may alarm others, so she decided to stay one step ahead before someone complained!

Megan Jones

She made a little notice from paper with two pictures of Charleston, saying that he would probably howl as he tried to find his way around, but would calm down as he got used to the place. The sign was written from Charleston’s point of view, and ended with an apology – and when Megan Jones first saw the sign in the building, she Tweeted a picture of it, and it gained viral Internet fame!

Sharla Wilson

It’s safe to say that thanks to this super adorable sign, neighbors will be more forgiving of the little pup’s quirk. Sharla hopes to have a meet-and-greet with her neighbors so they can get to know Charleston, and he can get to know them. She hopes they’ll be understanding of the situation, and we think they will!

Feature Image Source: Sharla Wilson

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