Realtor Finds A Heartbreaking Scene At An Abandoned Tire Shop

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A realtor was in for a shock when she headed into an abandoned tire store in Houston, Texas back in April and found that it was, in fact, still occupied.

Inside the one-story building was an extremely thin and miserable pit bull. She was chained up in front of several stacks of old tires, next to nearly empty bowls of food and water, surrounded by her own waste. Her chain was only 3 or 4 feet long, rendering her confined to one spot. It was clear that she’d been there for quite a while.

Fern De Santos

The realtor posted information about the incident on social media, and an independent dog rescuer named Fern De Santos spotted it and happened to be nearby at the time. She managed to convince her wife to let her go and rescue the pup, and she rushed to the scene. The realtor led De Santos into the building. The pup very eagerly lapped up some water provided by the realtor, clearly very thirsty.

Fern De Santos

The room where the pup was in also seemed to be engulfed in toxic fumes that made De Santos feel lightheaded. The fact that the pup – who was given the name Hermosa – had survived was a miracle. De Santos didn’t have a leash with her, so she used a piece of cord to do the job. The moment Hermosa was leashed, she became excited, as though she knew she was finally safe.

Fern De Santos

The pup was bloated yet emaciated, with lots of clumps of fur missing, and had given birth before. She was taken to the vet and then sent to the A Chance to Bloom Dog Rescue the next day – a group that has sadly seen many cases like this.

A Chance to Bloom Dog Rescue

Hermosa was very nervous when she first arrived, tensing up whenever she was touched. Staff worked hard to give her time and space to understand that she was now in a safe place, and began teaching her what it meant to be a dog.

A Chance to Bloom Dog Rescue

A month later, and Hermosa is doing so much better! She’s loving, made plenty of friends, and is clearly going to be easily adoptable. If you’d like to adopt Hermosa, or if you’d like to find out more about A Chance to Bloom Dog Rescue, check their website here!

Feature Image Source: Fern De Santos

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