Something Wasn’t Right And So They Decided To Check On Their Dachshund. What Happens Next? OMG.

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Are you a dachshund pup lover? If so, here’s a video that’s sure to make you smile and say “aww”! This adorable little fur ball named Penny used to sleep with her mommy and daddy, but now they’re trying to train her to sleep on her own, and she is not happy about the new arrangement!

Watch as this little pup gives her daddy big puppy dog eyes that will make your heart melt before trying to bound up onto the bed. When she’s unsuccessful and receives no help getting onto the bed, she begins growling and whining and barking to voice her distress. What a vocal little pup! At one point, she gets so upset that one of her ears gets turned inside out.

Isn’t she so adorable? She then makes a display of sulking by shoving her little face into a corner of her new pup bed. Shh, little pup, sleeping by yourself isn’t too bad – you’ve got a lovely big bed with a warm fuzzy blanket, right next to where mummy and daddy sleep! Check it out here, and do like and share away!

Feature Image Source: Veldin

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