The Mesa Police Department Have Launched A Therapy Canine Program!

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The Mesa Police Department has welcomed a brand new member to their force – 16-week-old Macy the English Labrador! Macy will be the department’s first ever pup in their Therapy Canine Program, which is founded around the Mesa Family Advocacy Center.

Macy has a very important job that she’s studying for – to be present when victims of physical and sexual abuse are discussing incidents with police officers. She is to provide emotional support and comfort to them in the difficult time they are undergoing, and hopefully, her presence will help victims feel more comfortable being open with investigators.

Macy has been with the department since she was 8 weeks old, and she’s already brought so much joy to staff. She has a long list of tasks on her to-do list, from undergoing loads of training and gaining plenty of certifications, mainly in therapy and emotional support, but she’s ready to take them all on and be the absolute best she can be!

Feature Image Source: KNXV

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