The Results Are In! Is Your Favorite Breed In The Top 13 For 2015?

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The results are in for the top breeds in 2015! The American Kennel Club (aka AKC) has announced the definitive breed rankings for 2015 and there were some surprises this year! Check out the top 13 (and full list) to see where your favorite breed ranked!

#13 The Dachshund

Image Credit: came in at number thirteen this year. That’s down from #11 in 2014 and #10 in 2013. While there may be a handful of breeds outranking dachshunds for 2015, they still reign high on the list as one of the most desirable furry friends you could possibly ask for. Known for their big personalities and loving nature towards the people they love, we’re glad to see dachshunds still ranking high on the list of most desirable breeds in the USA.

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#12 The Siberian Husky

Siberian_Husky_with_Blue_EyesSiberian Huskies moved up to number twelve this year from #13 in 2014 and #14 in 2013. They seem to be gaining steady momentum, becoming more popular each year. These loyal, mischievous dogs certainly make life more interesting for the humans and it seems all of America is enjoying them more and more. It looks like they will be a breed to watch in the coming years as they continue to gain popularity.

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#11 The German Shorthaired Pointer

Duitse_staande_korthaar_10-10-2Pointers (German Shorthaired, specifically) came in at number eleven this year. That’s up from #12 in 2014 and #13 in 2013. These friendly, smart dogs are full of energy and ready to please and as they gain momentum just behind Siberian Huskies each year, it seems they are on a steady rise as well. These are dogs to keep an eye on in the coming years as America falls more and more in love with the breed.

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#10 The Boxer

Boxer_puppy_fawn_portraiBoxers came in at number ten this year in the AKC rankings. They went down a couple slots from #8 in 2014 and #7 in 2013. These active, fun-loving dogs still rank high in the hearts of Americans. Any boxer lover will tell you what goof balls Boxers are and for that reason, we have a feeling these pups will continue to stick around among the top ranked breeds for years to come.

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#9 The Rottweiler

Rottweiler_kopf_2Rottweilers came in at number nine this year. That’s up from #10 in 2014 and back to the same number they ranked in 2013. These confident, loyal dogs seem to have a pretty solid place in the USA. If you’ve heard the saying, “slow and steady wins the race” that just may apply to these pups who consistently rank in the top AKC top 10 breeds.

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#8 The Poodle

Standard_poodle_apricotAnother consistent breed, the Poodle came in at number eight this year. That’s down from #7 in 2014 but back to where they were in 2013 when they also ranked at #8. These active, smart canines seem to have a pretty solid place in America too. They consistently rank highly, being one of the top breeds in the USA for many years.

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Continue to page 2 to see which breeds came in at numbers 1-7 in the AKC rankings along with a full list of the AKC’s rankings to see where your favorite ranked, even if they weren’t one of the top breeds this year! 

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