These Adorable Pups Are Meeting Their Baby Sibling For The First Time!

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Having a baby in the house when you already have a pup or two is a very big and important milestone, one that does have to be handled with some care and preparation.

Some pups don’t take well to having the attention once lavished upon them shifted to another creature, and can feel jealous! Others may not be very good at handling changes.

Either way, it’s always important to gradually introduce your pups to your newborn child, much like how you would introduce a new pup to another! The parents of Louie and Marie, two adorable beagles, certainly were aware of this when they introduce the pups to their baby Liam’s diaper! Smart move, considering it would also introduce them to his scent.

While the pups are super gentle and happy with the new addition to the family, it’s good (and very important!) that the parents are constantly supervising both their actual baby and their furbabies. May their child have a happy childhood with these lovely pooches!

Feature Image Source: Louie The Beagle

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