These Two Pups Have Just Defined Relationship Goals And I’m Speechless!

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Dogs love going on walks, but their Moms and Dads aren’t usually able to take them out for a walk whenever the pup wants. Daily walks are one thing, but randomly being able to drop everything to cater to your pup’s walking whims is far from possible for more people!

Luckily, Sadie the German shepherd and Miah the dachshund pup have found a solution to that problem. In their home in Bethalto, Illinois, whenever they want to go out on a walk, Sadie picks up Miah’s leash in her mouth and helps lead her along. This helps the two pups stick together and stay safe as they wander the streets!

Miah knows to always heel and sticks by Sadie’s side, and the two make an adorable sight as they strut down the street. It’s no surprise that strangers love to see them pass by. What well-behaved little pups they both are!

Feature Image Source: Caters Clips

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