This Adorable Pup Almost Didn’t Make It… Then A Miracle Happened!

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Tiny bulldog puppy Barnabus was born with a cleft palate. This meant he needed to be especially tube fed and would be a lot of work to care for with only a 50% survival rate, and his breeder didn’t want him.

Within nine hours, Barnabus wound up in the care of Road Dogs and Rescue – and then, thankfully, into the loving foster home of a woman named Laura. But then, another call arrived for a tiny kitten named Broccoli who was very young and weak, and Laura decided to take her in too.

The moment Barnabus and Broccoli met, they became close friends and siblings. The social interaction they shared is very important for baby animals, so it’s no surprise that they sought each other out. Broccoli helped Barnabus heal and survive, and now he’s doing much better.

Broccoli eventually had to leave the foster home for a forever one, but Barnabus still has a friend in Ellery, another bulldog with five legs! Check out this video to watch their shenanigans!

Feature Image Source: The Dodo

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