This Adorable Pup Has Learned To Catch Her Treats! Watch This Awesome Slo-Mo!

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It’s a tricky task to train a dog to be patient with their favorite treats, but if you stick to it, the results can be quite rewarding. Not only does this make your pup that much safer from picking bad things up and eating them, but it also means you get to teach neat tricks to your canine companions!

Take Birra, for example. The golden retriever pup might just be one year old, but she’s already learned a few tricks. Today, she’s practicing a new one – waiting patiently as a treat sits on her nose, then throwing it into the air and catching it in her mouth. It’s tough to master! She keeps flinging the treat too far back or simply missing when she opens her mouth. Oh dear!

Twice, the pup is able to successfully snatch the yummy morsel out of the air. We’d celebrate, but then she goes back to missing it again! One step at a time, I suppose!

Feature Image Source: Birrathegolden

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