This Adorable Pup Is On A Mission To Save Worms From The Heat! Aww!

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This is a one-of-a-kind dog named Holliday. She was rescued from Felines & Canines, a shelter in Chicago by her momma.

She is a border collie/German Shepherd mix breed who has dedicated herself as the ‘worm saver’ of the neighborhood! When Holliday and her mom are out walking Holliday will be on the lookout for stranded worms. When she finds one, she gently picks them up in her mouth and carries them into the grass!

Holliday’s mom even said Holliday will try to save the dried-out ones! They think Holliday learned out to do this by watching her human grandmother do it when she visited on weekends. Holliday has been saving worms for about a year and a half! We may not think too much about worms – but they are good for the soil, so, Holliday is performing a valuable service to the community! Keep up the good work, Holliday! We thank you!

Feature Image Source: ViralHog

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