This Adorable Pup Just Can’t Stop Barking In His Sleep! Wonder What He’s Dreaming Of…

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Pups are absolutely adorable all the time, but even more so when they’re sleeping! Often, pup Moms and Dads might wonder if their canine companions have dreams when they nap, and if they do, what they might be about. This video can’t answer all questions, but it sure comes pretty close!

This beagle pup named Copper loves curling up to sleep in his home in Reading. Often, when he sleeps, he begins to dream and starts to quietly bark as he dozes on. Perhaps he’s chasing down rabbits or simply talking to his parent, but it sure does look like a very fun dream. What’s even funnier is the fact that he often wakes himself up through his own barking and ends up staring around the room in confusion!

This pup’s quiet little “woof”s are his parents favorite sound, and we can see – or rather, hear – why! Sweet dreams, Copper!

Feature Image Source: Newsflare

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