This Adorable Pup Knows Exactly How To Cool Down On A Hot Day!

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It was a hot day out when Batman the bulldog puppy decided to clamber into his Dad Wichan Krane’s pickup truck in Pathum Thani, Thailand.

Dad gets work done by delivering big bags and sacks full of ice to homes around the neighborhood, so that means the back of the truck often fills with a thin layer of cool water by the time he’s done.

Batman, who is one year old, can’t get enough of the mini pool that’s formed in the back of the truck! He runs around through the water in excitement, sending up little splashes as he goes and enjoying their cold relief on his fur. He might not have a real pool, but this is good enough for the pup on this warm, sunny day.

Dad needed to use the truck for work at that moment, but he decided to let little Batman enjoy the puddles for a little while longer. With this adorable video, we think that was a good call!

Feature Image Source: ViralPress

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