This Adorable Pup Would Do Anything To Show Off His Skateboard Talent!

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On the 13th of July, a robbery took place in California! But don’t worry, it’s not the kind of robbery you think. The thief in question was an adorable bulldog pup and the stolen goods? A single skateboard! No, it doesn’t sound like it makes any sense, but something truth is stranger than fiction!

Apparently, this bulldog pup just absolutely loves skateboards. They’re his favorite object to play with. So when he saw someone skateboarding down the road, he wouldn’t stop chasing him! When the skateboarded stopped and spoke to the pup’s parent, he decided to allow the pup to play with it for a while.

Just like that, all of a sudden, the pup was taking off down the road, using the skateboard perfectly. Cheers from bystanders began to erupt as he zoomed past like a pro. Amazing! It’s a rather odd talent for a dog, but such an impressive one!

Feature Image Source: StoryfulNews

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