This Hilarious German Shepherd Is Teasing Her Two Friends!

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When you live with someone, you get to see all sides of them and inevitably, if that someone is a dog, odds are you come up with some creative games! This German shepherd dog, Roxie lives with two jack russell terriers. The terriers are obviously much smaller than the shepherd, but that doesn’t stop her from trying to get them to play!

You see, the shepherd has found their favorite toy and like any good sibling, she’s got to show it off to her siblings and wave it right in their face to try to get them to come chase her! She runs back and fourth, shaking it around to make sure they see how much fun it is and as she plops herself down on the recliner, she keeps eyeballing them in an attempt to get a reaction. She just wants to play!

See what happens between the three on page 2 below!


Page 2 Here

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