This Hyped Dachshund Just Can’t Stop Running!

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Dachshunds are known for their love of things that are fun and new. Show them a squirrel and you’ll have a very excited dachshund that just can’t keep still even if the squirrel is long gone up the tree. Some dachshunds, however, are always active and their parents tend to have a hard time keeping up with them!

Gretchen is one of those dachshunds and as you’ll soon come to realize, she’s one speedy doxie. She lives with two energetic dogs – an Australian Shepherd named Lucy and a Border Collie named Binky! Even though shepherds and collies are known for having energy and needing a lot of stimulation, Gretchen still somehow manages to be the speediest one of all, zooming all over to her heart’s content!

This cutie stars in the video on the next page and she just loves to run everywhere. No-one can really tell why she runs or where she runs off to but once she starts moving, she just can’t seem to stop! See the video for yourself on page 2!

Page 2 Here

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