Watch How This Adorable Pup Falls Asleep Beside His Tiny Baby Brother!

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Trying to get a baby to fall asleep is pretty difficult, even for “veteran” parents! Sometimes they drop off easily, and others it seems like absolutely nothing will ever get them to nod off. And once they’re asleep, you move extra silently so that you don’t risk waking them and having to do it all over again.

This golden retriever pup is taking babysitting duty today for Mom and Dad. The cute pup is doing his best to watch over his baby brother as he sleeps in a rocking chair. The pup keeps close guard over him, making sure he doesn’t get disturbed. But it’s a tiring job and watching the little one sleep is having a calming effect on this dog!

The pup rests his head on the rocking chair, enjoying the slow, subtle back-and-forth rocking movements. Slowly, his eyes fall closed, and just like that, he’s fallen asleep. But it’s not long before he jolts himself back awake again so he can resume babysitting duties!

Feature Image Source: AFVVirals

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