Watch How This Adorable Pup Just Leans Over His Baby Sister Sitting In The Tub!

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This baby girl is enjoying her bathtime when her big sibling, a fun-loving beagle pup, comes over to see what she’s doing. The pup notices that there are a lot of toys floating in the bathtub with her, and he would really like to play with some of them. There’s just one problem – he doesn’t want to get wet, at all!

The pup leans over the edge of the tub, trying his hardest to grab at a ball without getting his fur wet. This is, for some reason, absolutely hilarious to his little baby sister, who can’t stop giggling and laughing at his antics! The pup dashes in and out, trying to get at the toys from all angles, and it’s nothing short of a hilarious comedy routine to his little sister!

It’s truly a wonderful thing to get to grow up with a dog by your side, watching over you – and it makes for lots of hilarious moments like these!

Feature Image Source: AFVVirals

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