Watch How This Guilty Pup Is Shamed For Chewing On The Remote!

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Our dogs might usually be little angels, but sometimes they get into things they’re not supposed to and hilarity – as well as exasperation – ensues. We can never stay too angry at a precious pup, but we can certainly be frustrated when you find the corner of the sofa chewed up or your shoes ruined!

Rufus the golden retriever pup might be one and a half years old, but he’s pretty much a puppy at heart. Somehow, he managed to snatch the remote control off the table and decided that it was his new favorite toy. He chewed right through it and basically destroyed the entire appliance, reducing it to a mess!

Dad confronts Rufus for his crimes, and the pup is so guilty that he can’t even look at Dad or at the remote control. Luckily, Mom’s nearby to give the pup hugs so he knows he’s forgiven! You can’t stay mad at that face!

Feature Image Source: NinaTekwani

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