Watch How This Pup Begs Dad To Buy Him A Brand New Toy!

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It’s very difficult for pup Moms and Dads to resist their canine companions’ puppy dog eyes. The innocent, begging expression is just too adorable for words, so it’s no surprise that so many pup parents have to work extra hard not to cave into their pups’ requests! Sometimes, though, there’s no harm in giving in.

This golden retriever pup was out at a pet store with his Dad when he spotted a toy that he really, really wanted. As Dad approached the checkout counter, the pup walked up to him with the toy in his mouth and wagged his tail, clearly asking Dad to buy the toy for him! What a smart pup! He knows that he can’t leave the store with the toy on his own, but he also knows that Dad can make that possible.

Dad smiles and laughs, and we have a feeling the pup might just get his way this time! With that incredible puppy dog eye look, how can he not?

Feature Image Source: MSN

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