What Happens When Two Pups Sit Together To Watch TV? Such Focus!

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Since humans like to watch shows starring other humans on TV, does that mean that dogs like watching shows that feature other pups, as opposed to what we ourselves watch regularly? According to this video, that just might be the case!

Ghost and Ripley are a white German shepherd and a boxer pup respectively, and they’re siblings who live with their family under one roof. They spend a lot of time together, and one of their favorite pastimes is watching TV. But they don’t flip through the usual channels! Instead, they put on videos of other dogs putting on their own show and watch very attentively, clearly invested in the story unfolding.

While we certainly don’t understand what’s going on on-screen, these two pups certainly seem to like the plot of this dog’s tale as they snuggle together to watch it. Don’t forget to like and share this cute video if you enjoyed it!

Feature Image Source: Chrissy Mc

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