What Happens When You Have One Bottle And You’re On A Trampoline With Your Siblings?!

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Sibling disagreements are far from uncommon. Getting into fights with your brothers and sisters is part and parcel of growing up with them, and even dogs know this to be true!

These three English bulldog pups are having fun on a trampoline – or at least they look like they’re having fun! We can’t tell over all the angry growling and grumbling of two of these pups.

Why are these dogs complaining? Well, Clyde, the pup in the middle, is trying to show them that he’s the boss around here! He’s holding onto a water bottle that all of them want to play with and refuses to let it go. When the others try to grab it from him, he dodges away, causing so much frustration!

Come on, Clyde, haven’t you heard that sharing is caring? His siblings certainly aren’t amused by this behavior! Maybe it’s time to find more toys….

Feature Image Source: shell121

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