When Both Pups Love The Same Couch This Is Bound To Happen! Hilarious!

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After playtime and adventure, many pups get quite tired and need to crash and nap for a little while. Sometimes, they get so exhausted from all the fun they’ve had that they fall asleep in the strangest places and the funniest ways!

A Labrador retriever pup is napping on the sofa, taking up almost all of the available space, but his bulldog pup sibling wants to join in! There’s just one problem – climbing is hard work, and the pup is already very tired. So halfway up the side of the sofa, the bulldog pup ends up dozing off with his little paws hanging off the edge! Oh dear!

The pup jerks awake suddenly, realizing what a strange position he’s in, and starts to climb again. He manages to clamber up, but is hit by another wave of tiredness and falls asleep with his face buried in the flank of his sibling and his butt in the air. What a hilarious moment!

Feature Image Source: AFVVirals

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