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10 Most Common Types Of Service Dogs

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There isn’t just one type of service dog. There are many different kinds, all trained for very specific purposes. Here are the 10 most common service dog types you may see!

  1. Hearing Dogs. These dogs help to alert the hard of hearing of any loud noises, like alarms, crying children, and doorbells.
  2. Seizure Alert Dogs. These dogs are somehow able to alert their handlers if the person in question is about to have a seizure.
  3. Autism Support Dogs. For children on the autism spectrum, these dogs help provide social aid and predictability.
  4. Allergy Detection Dogs. These dogs inform their owners when they sniff out something that could trigger serious allergic reactions.
  5. Guide Dogs. These dogs help to lead the visually impaired. They usually do not wear special vests.
  6. Diabetic Alert Dogs. In order to keep people with diabetes safe, this dog informs them when they are running low on blood sugar.
  7. FASD Dogs. These dogs help to provide support to children who suffer fetal alcohol syndrome-related disorders.
  8. Mobility Assistance Dogs. These dogs help people with limited mobility to perform a wide range of different tasks, or as support when they stand or move.
  9. Seizure Response Dogs. When their handler has a seizure, this type of dog can bring medicine, phones, or other forms of help.
  10. Psychiatric Service Dogs. These dogs help those dealing with severe psychiatric issues, such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, and more.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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