10 Things Only Parents With Drooly Dogs Understand! (Part 1) - A Dog's Love

10 Things Only Parents With Drooly Dogs Understand! (Part 1)

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Dogs drool. But some drool more than others! What starts looking adorable quickly becomes icky because drool is everywhere! 

It’s okay to admit that your dog’s drool makes you want to scream sometimes, it doesn’t mean you love them any less! Certain breeds drool more than others and they drool on everything. I was watching baking shows on my laptop, did realize I left the show running while I stepped out for 10 minutes. My laptop was swimming in drool. Yep. Here are some things only parents with drooly dogs understand!

1. After becoming a dog parent, you realize that if your drooly dog shakes near you, you get a nice gooey slobber shower. That’s one way to do it.


2. The amount of drool your dog has is equivalent to the food you’re holding in your hand. Take a bite of that deliciousness and your dog’s drool increases. Pray they don’t shake now.


3. Parenting a drooly dog means not having nice things in the house. Everything you have is customized to make sure their drool can be wiped off. 


4. When they sleep on your lap and you’re lost in the land of loving them, suddenly you feel like you’re sitting on water. You can’t tell if that’s sweat, pee, water or drool!


5. You have to think of ways to prevent your dogs from drooling when you take them to someone else’s house. 


How many of you have drooly dogs? Tell us one thing they have drooled on in the comments! Watch out for Part 2!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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