10 Things Only Parents With Drooly Dogs Understand! (Part 2) - A Dog's Love

10 Things Only Parents With Drooly Dogs Understand! (Part 2)

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It’s okay to admit that your dog’s drool makes you want to scream sometimes, it doesn’t mean you love them any less! Certain breeds drool more than others and they drool on everything.

I was watching baking shows on my laptop, did realize I left the show running while I stepped out for 10 minutes. My laptop was swimming in drool. Yep. Here are some things only parents with drooly dogs understand! Here’s Part 1, in case you missed it!

1. You don’t have to go to any exotic places to see a waterfall. Your dog will let you see it every single day.


2. If your dog lays on your bed and uses your pillow you better get used to finding your pillow damp with drool on a daily basis. 


3. If you use treat-based training, you’ve probably dealt with a truckload of slobber. 


4. Ceramic tiles and marble flooring make it difficult for you to see drool puddles so yes, there are times you’ve slipped and hurt yourself. But your dog’s kisses make it all better.


5. You clean your windows every night because apart from nose and paw print there’s drool all over that needs to be wiped off. 


How many of you have drooly dogs? Tell us one thing they have drooled on in the comments! 

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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