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12 Simple Ways To Cool Down An Overheated Dog

If a dog is overheating and in danger of heatstroke, you will need to cool them down. Here are 12 ways to cool a dog down or prevent overheating.

  1. Make Wind. Turn on a dog-friendly fan and point it in their general direction (but not right at their face!)
  2. Dig The Ground. While not the most practical method, digging through the top layer of soil will reveal a cooler layer underneath. Your dog can lie in this.
  3. Swimming. A dog who is just hot, not yet overheating, can cool down in a body of water that is cool, but not cold.
  4. Grooming. Make sure to groom your dog regularly and trim their fur often. Do not, however, shave them completely, and if your dog is double-coated, read up on proper grooming.
  5. Wet Towel. Soak a towel in cool water, then place it on your dog’s underbelly and inner thighs.
  6. Cooling Vests. If your dog is going to be out in the heat, let them wear a cooling vest.
  7. Footbaths. For dogs without access to a swimming or kiddie pool, a footbath can work similarly. Fill it with cool, not cold water.
  8. Make Frozen Treats. Keep a supply of frozen treats to give your dog when it’s hot outside.
  9. Make The Area Cooler. Lead your dog to a non-carpeted area, close the doors, and keep the windows shaded.
  10. Shower. Take your dog to the bathroom and run tepid water over them to cool them off.
  11. Fresh Water. Make sure your dog always has fresh water available to drink.
  12. Air Conditioning. Turn on the air-con to keep the room cool. Make sure it’s not too cold.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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