15 More Reasons Why You Need Dogs In Your Life! (Part 3) - A Dog's Love

15 More Reasons Why You Need Dogs In Your Life! (Part 3)

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Missed Part 1 and Part 2? We still haven’t finished telling people why they need dogs in their lives! Apart from taking us places and helping us keep the dishes clean, dogs are great babysitters who want to be paid in pets and treats! Check this out!

1. They keep us warm!

Is it cold outside? Your dogs would love to snuggle up with you, thereby keeping you warm all year round! Want to feel like you’re touching clouds? What better than to let your dogs cuddle with you? They’re so soft. Oh, so soft.

2. They’re your babysitter!

While they’re not going to be able to change your baby’s pampers or give them a bath, they’re definitely going to watch over your baby when you ask them to, finish your baby’s food if they ask them to and provide tons of entertainment in the process!

3. An excuse for not wanting a baby!

If you don’t want babies just yet, but want people to stop asking you, just get a puppy! Get an adorable newborn photo shoot featuring your new puppy!

4. They can be an excellent wingman!

For those who don’t know, people are attracted to dogs, it’s like they’re naturally magnetic! Who knows, maybe this way you’ll find your soulmate?!

5. They’re your fitness motivation

Who doesn’t need to be motivated to exercise? We all need to exercise to remain fit and healthy and our dogs do just that. Daily morning and evening walk will keep you and your dogs healthy! Aren’t they just the perfect motivation you need?!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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