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3 Things To Keep In Mind For Senior Dog Longevity

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We want our dogs to live with us for as long as possible. But just how do we do that, while making sure all those years they spend with us are as pleasant and as comfortable as possible?

Keep Them At A Healthy Weight

Obesity tends to come with all sorts of health problems – just like with people. Keeping your dogs lean can actually increase the quality of their life and increase their expected lifespan of up to 2 years! So start trimming out all those snacks as soon as possible.

Pay Close Attention

Examine them when you’re playing or hanging out with them. Are there any new lumps? Strange sore spots? Differences in behavior or personality? The better you know your dog, the sooner you will notice when something’s amiss – and the earlier you can catch any health complications.

Find A Vet You Both Like

Trips to the vet can be a pretty stressful experience for everyone involved. If it’s a vet that both you and your dog can trust, however, that can make these trips much easier. A good, regular vet will know how to care and handle your dog, and is happy to explain anything you don’t understand.

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