5 Severely Malnourished Pups Found On Roadside Couldn't Stop Kissing Their Rescuers - A Dog's Love

5 Severely Malnourished Pups Found On Roadside Couldn’t Stop Kissing Their Rescuers

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A Good Samaritan was taken aback when they spotted five tiny, extremely ill puppies on a Vineland, New Jersey roadside.

The pups were completely bald and helpless, obviously heartlessly abandoned, and the person knew they had to help. They rang up the South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter and soon an animal control officer arrived to collect them. They were so sick that the officer rushed them straight to a nearby vet.

The puppies were covered in open sores and mange. They had swollen feet, eye infections, and were extremely emaciated. They looked absolutely terrible. It was determined that they were around 5.5 months of age, and they may also be mastiff-cane corso mixes, though it’s impossible to tell for sure in their conditions.

After some vet exams, the puppies were brought to the shelter. Volunteers and staff were immediately shocked. Despite everything they had been through, the puppies were warm, friendly, and loving. Their tails constantly wagged, and they showered everyone they met with love and kisses.

The puppies now live in foster homes, and they have all received names from the Super Mario games. Collectively, they are known as the Mushroom Kingdom 5; individually, they are Bowser, Daisy, Luigi, Mario, and Princess Peach. They continue to receive weekly check-ups eye medications, medicated baths, and antibiotics regularly, and they’re shaping up very well!

It is hoped that, within a month, these puppies will be ready to go to forever homes. For now, though, they’re receiving plenty of attention and love. Meanwhile, their abandonment is being investigated by the Vineland Police Department, and you can call them at 856-691-4111 if you have any relevant information.

Images & Feature Image Source: South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter

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