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5 Steps Of Impulse Control To Teach Your Dog

Impulse control is very important for dogs. It trains them to focus and prevents them from doing things that could harm them. Here’s how to teach your dog impulse control.

Step 1: Look At Me

The first step in training for impulse management is teaching your dog to focus on you. If you use a clicker, get it ready, and take some treats in your hand. Choose a cue, such as “Watch Me”, and drop a treat for your dog when they look at you. If they continue to look at you after earning the treat, drop more. If they wander off, wait until they look at you again.

Step 2: Wait

Teach your dog to wait for a highly valued treat or toy instead of grabbing it right away. This can be quite challenging; use “stay” if your dog knows it, or more “watch me” to get them to pause before giving them the okay.

Step 3: Leave It

Sit down and hold treats in an open hand where your dog can see. If your dog hurries in, close your hand. If your dog is not moving to take treats from the hand, leave it open. Give them a reward when they look at you, not the treats.

Step 4: Settle Down

Teach your dog to stay calm by ordering them to go to a certain location, such as their bed, a corner of the room, or even a sofa. Bring them to the place you want, reward them once they’re there, and slowly increase the time they must remain in that place before a treat is given.

Step 5: Versatility

Once your dog knows these commands at a basic level, start to put them to practice throughout the day for different situations!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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