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5 Steps To Help Your Dog Overcome The Fear Of Water

Is your dog afraid of water? Here’s how to help them overcome the fear.

Step 1

Allow your dog to begin to associate the pool with positive things by handing out treats to your dog while they are near it. Call your dog to you with these treats so they are used to the “come” command outdoors.

Step 2

Get into the water, whether a kiddie pool or a swimming pool. Set up a dog ramp or something similar so your dog can walk into the pool easily, if you like. Hang them treats while you are inside the water, slowly encouraging them to come closer and closer.

Step 3

Call your dog into the pool once they are completely comfortable being on its edge. Some dogs will go in naturally, lured by treats. Others will need to be helped in, which is also fine. Gently lower your dog into the water, or lead them down the ramp. Once your dog is in the water, support their back and head completely.

Step 4

Keep a hand beneath the front legs of your dog so their head stays lifted and put another hand over their shoulders to keep the shoulders down. Then, lead them back up the ramp or through the stairs after a few seconds, showing them how to get out. Reward accordingly.

Step 5

Repeat, repeat, repeat. Take a break when needed. Eventually, your dog will feel comfortable enough to swim on their own. Consider letting them use a lifejacket.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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