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6 Dog Walking Tips To Make Your Life Easy!

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Is walking your dog always a little slow-going? Here are 6 tips to get out of the house faster!


Harnesses are great options for especially wiggly or feisty dogs, and they’re also just good for getting more control while you teach your dog to walk well on a leash.

Prepare In Advance

The coat you wear while walking your dog should always have its pockets filled – one with treats, the other with poop bags. You should always pre-fill your pockets so that it’s easy for you to just head out whenever you need to.

Leave Them Clipped

Most harnesses just need to be clipped into the leash, so don’t unclip it when you get back home. This reduces the amount of time it takes to get your dog ready next time.

Keep Poop Bags Everywhere

You simply cannot take your dog on a walk without poop bags. They’re the easiest to forget, they can run out fairly quickly, and it’s often tempting to just not get them. Leave a stash somewhere outside your home – like in your mailbox or on your porch table – for easy access.

Leave Your Leashes In Sight

Don’t spend ages looking through the house for an elusive leash. Leave them all in a specific spot by the door!

Have A Walking Bag

If you bring your dog hiking or on long walks or excursions, you’ll need to bring a lot of things around – treats, toys, water, bowls, and more. Have a dedicated bag for walks that you can just grab and go with!

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