6 Reasons Why Your Dog Loves Digging In Their Water Bowls! - A Dog's Love

6 Reasons Why Your Dog Loves Digging In Their Water Bowls!

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Some dog behaviors are confusing to humans, but to dogs, they’re absolutely normal! One habit that keeps us confused is when your dog decides to splash water all over the place instead of drinking from their water bowl!

Although this habit decreases over time, some dogs continue to dig in their water bowls for years to come. But what makes dogs dig in their water bowls?

  1. They’re feeling hot. If this is the case, arrange for ol that your dog can splash in instead of digging in their water bowls.
  2. They’re seeing things in their water bowls! Because steel bowls reflect light, dogs love to paw around in an attempt to catch the reflection!
  3. Maybe they’re bored. Daily walks, puzzles and interactive toys and games will help them burn the extra energy so they don’t dig in their water bowls.
  4. They want their water to keep moving. They prefer that the water they drink moves about, to create an illusion that they’re drinking from a lake or a river!
  5. They want attention. If this was previously the way to grab your attention, your dog continues to dig in their water bowls simply to grab your attention every time they please!
  6. Do they have a compulsive behavior? Maybe that is the case, so it’s best to seek medical attention and give your dog the help they require.

How frequently do your dogs dig in their water bowls? Let us know in the comments!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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