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7 Easy Ways To Encourage Your Dogs To Stop Digging Your Yard

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No one likes when their dogs dig up their yards. It creates such a mess! But dogs can do this when they’re bored and desperate for a way to entertain themselves, and they may also do it to seek comfort. Luckily, there are ways you can prevent this behavior from continuing. Here are 7 options.

Dig Pit

Get your dog a specific sandbox or a designated area where they can dig and dig to their heart’s content. Place toys in this area and reward your dog when they dig there to get the toys!

Agility Course

Some dogs would do really well with a simple, small agility course in the yard can help them burn off their boredom.


Don’t leave your dog outdoors on their own for too long, or they’ll get bored and start finding random things to do.

Puzzle Toys

These toys can keep a dog occupied for hours and help them keep their minds sharp. The reward at the end of the toy is more than enough motivation!


Help your dog feel safe with a strong wall or fence. Keep the area clean and positive, and make sure that you make it a happy space.


Take the time every day to play with your dog so they don’t feel bored and burn off excess energy!


Make sure there are plenty of toys for your dog to play with outside to keep their mind on the fun and not on the digable soil!

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