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7 Tips To Keep In Mind While Going On A Road Trip With Your Dogs!

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When it is time to take a vacation someplace beautiful, we obviously want to bring our dogs along. Besides, a summer road trip can be loads of fun! But just what can we do to make that holiday the best it can be?

Go for Dog-Friendly Activities

Take them to dog-friendly eateries, bring them to a dog park – or even go kayaking with them!

Pack For Them

Grab some collapsible dishes, pet wipes, extra water bottles, and a chew toy or two.

Start Your Trip Healthy

Make sure your dog has all their vaccinations and medications taken before going, so they can arrive in tip-top condition.

Find Pet-Friendly Accommodations

It simply won’t do if your dog has to stay outside. Find a hotel that’s dog friendly!

Safety First

For your pet’s safety and best comfort, make sure that you can have them restrained – ideally in a carrier that’s secured with a seat-belt.

Tire Them Out Beforehand

It’s going to be a lot easier for everyone involved if your dog is asleep for most of the trip!

Have Bathroom Breaks

Make sure your dog has time to run around and stretch. Being cooped up for hours on end will drive anyone crazy, after all!

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